Sirokko Air Wall

The air temperature is kept under control with the help of air curtains. However, energy costs are reduced and operating conditions are improved.

Usage areas

Vehicle Inspection Stations • Factories • Warehouses

General Features



• Air curtains reduce air transfer through open doors, reducing energy costs.• Air curtains increase comfort by preventing air transfer in summer or winter.


Sirokko Air Curtain

The most intense areas of manufacturing and sales areas in terms of energy losses are external gates. Heated air in winter and high-cost chilled air during the summer months is lost from these openings. The larger are the doors, the higher the costs due to uncontrollable changes in the interior and exterior temperatures. Also, the possibility of current air between doors increases


How does it work?

With the help of air curtains, the ambient temperature is kept under control. However, energy costs decrease and working conditions improve. The air curtains blow the air in the environment or the air heated by the device directly from the top of the doors and forms an invisible wall. It separates the indoor air and the external environment from each other. This will prevent hot or cold air from entering or leaving the building. The working comfort of the employees increases. Considering the high heating and cooling costs, these costs are considerably reduced. 


Technical Features

Model   AIR WALL 20
Doğalgaz Tüketimi (Nm3/sa) 2.30
Giriş Basıncı (mbar) 20-50
Hava Debisi (m3/sa) 1400x3

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