Hot Air Generators

It offers an ideal solution for all indoor areas such as offices, homes, workplaces, showrooms.

Usage areas

All indoor areas such as offices, homes, workplaces, showrooms.

General Features



It is designed as one piece with control panel, heater body and heat shield. Thanks to its ergonomic structure, it can be easily mounted to any desired point with its different apparatus.


A Perfect System for Small Spaces

Natural gas or LPG travels by burning in the combustion chamber. Burnt hot gases circulate in the exchanger and after releasing the heat to the exchanger, they are discharged through a chimney.The heat taken from the heated exchanger surfaces and the heated environment is returned to the environment to be heated with the help of another fan as hot air. The higher the ambient temperature gradually, the higher the heating performance.


Economical and Practical

Hot air generators are the most economical and correct solution for large spaces where ambient air needs to be heated. These products blow the air into the environment by passing the heat exchangers. Hot air generators are extremely comfortable, especially for businesses that do not have a very high ceiling, and at the same time, they are a cost-effective solution since heat generation is done inside the space to be heated, unlike conventional methods.


Technical Features



  Birim Min. Max.
Nominal Isıl Güç (kW) 3 6
Çıkış Gücü (kW) 2,7 5,4
Doğalgaz Tüketimi (Nm3/sa) 0,28 0,56
Gaz Bağlantısı ( inch ) 1/2''
Giriş Basıncı (mbar) Doğalgaz (max:55/min:20) - LPG (max: 55/min: 30)
Elektrik Besleme (volt) 230v, 50Hz
Hava Debisi (m3/s) 275
Güç (W) 170
Gürültü Seviyesi (dBA) 40
Genişlik (A) (mm) 620
Yükseklik (B) (mm) 723
Derinlik (C) (mm) 215
Ağırlık (kg) 25
Isıtacağı Alan (m2) 25-60


*Tablo değerleri yaklaşık değerlerdir. Ortamın durumuna göre (kapalı alan, izolasyon, hava akımı v.s.) değişkenlik gösterebilir.

**Tavsiye edilen emniyet mesafeleri, PANERA kontrolünde mekanın ihtiyaç ve konumuna göre değişebilir.



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